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Application for Hire of Balcombe Cricket Ground & Pavilion:

Please read through the following terms and conditions and complete the form below

Terms & Conditions of the Hire Agreement

1. Terms - Instructions detailed by these terms and conditions and by the BCC Key holder are to be obeyed at all times.

2. Playing Conditions
- Fitness of the ground for play will be decided by Balcombe Cricket Club

3. Pavilion Use
- Smoking is not permitted in the pavilion and is illegal.
- All litter to be removed from the pavilion & ground, at the latest one day after the hire has taken place. No litter or bin bags are to be left outside over night.
- It is the hirer’s responsibility to make sure all lights are to be turned off, water off and alarm set when exiting the pavilion, even if there is a Balcombe Cricket Club member present.

4. Ground Use
- Entry and exit from the ground must only be made via the access road and the signposted footpaths.
- No trespassing on adjoining private land.
- Cars are only allowed to park on the ‘hard standing’ concrete unless otherwise agreed with Balcombe Cricket Club.

5. Bar Usage
- Balcombe Cricket Club has a fully licensed bar that we can staff for your event with prior arrangement. Only members of Balcombe Cricket Club are allowed to operate the bar. They may be a small charge to cover extra license for your event, which would be arranged prior to the date.
- Balcombe Cricket Club will determine the price of all bar goods.
- Balcombe Cricket Club Reserve the right to refuse people alcohol at their own discretion.
- Access is not allowed behind the bar from the hirer or any guests of the hire.
- The bar will close at 11pm and all drinks will be cleared up at 11.20pm unless the hirer agrees an extension with Balcombe Cricket Club.

6. Kitchen Use
- Balcombe Cricket Club are willing to let the hirer make use of the kitchen area, but this will need to be discussed with prior arrangement.

7. Music & Entertainment
- Any music and other entertainment have to stop at 11.30pm at the latest.
- Fireworks are not permitted at any hirers unless agreed prior to hire with Balcombe Cricket Club.

8. Marquee Hire
- The cricket club has a marquee available to hire, price and timings to be agreed, The marquee is only to be put up and taken down my BCC members. - The Hirer is allowed to Hire a marquee for erection at the Cricket Club but times, date and access need to be agreed.

9. Payment of Hire
- The hire charge for the Balcombe Cricket Club ground, pavilion and facilities are as listed below. The charges apply to all activities regardless of the type of event being undertaken.

For periods of longer duration the following charges will apply.
The charge for a one day hire period will be £150
The charge for a two day hire period will be £200
The charge for a three day hire period will be £300
The charge for a four day hire period will be £400
Charges for hire periods longer than four days are available on request.

For hire periods of less than one day duration Balcombe Cricket Club will discuss an hourly charge.
- The charge of the hire have been agreed by the Balcombe Cricket Club Events Committee.
- Once the price is agreed, the hirer is to pay 25% of this fee straight away. The remaining 75% is to be paid within 28 days prior to the hire taking place.
- The 25% is non-refundable and if you decide to cancel your hire prior to the event then Balcombe Cricket Club retain the right to keep the 25% payment.

10. Deposit
- Every hire requires a £200 refundable deposit to cover any minor damage during the hire period.
- The £200 deposit is to be paid by cheque at the same time as the 25% payment charge. The cheque for £200 will not be paid into the bank unless there is any damage to be paid for.
- The deposit will be returned in full once the event has taken place and a member of Balcombe Cricket Club has found nothing to be damaged or missing from the Cricket Pavilion and surrounding area.
- Any damage or missing items that totals more than £200 will result in the hirer having to cover the costs.

If the hirer is found to break these terms and conditions then Balcombe Cricket Club have the right to keep any payment or deposit made or have the right to cancel the hire or any future hire.
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